October music lineup is here!  Come in, relax and enjoy..
Many of these performers have websites with more information.  Just click on their picture to open their site.

Music start times are between 7:00 & 8:00
For exact time just give us a call.

 Friday October 4th
The Lounge is delighted to welcome
Soulager to the stage. Please come
and get your gypsy soul filled.
Identity Blues logo with a very urban looking aspect Saturday October 5th
Deep in the shadows colors become indistinguishable.  However you do not need to see the color blue in order to feel it.
Identity Blues
understands this.  Come in, close your eyes and see for yourself.
Friday October 11th
The Lounge is happy to welcome
Sam Stranz Trio to the stage. Come in and get jazzed.
Saturday October 12th
Leaves are turning orange and somewhere a bonfire is burning.  The fragrance of Fall in the air.  If you listen carefully you can hear it. Rosalie Morgan is here to weave tantalizing melodies with the mists of you imagination.
Friday October 18th
The Lounge is pleased to welcome
Mickey Grasso back  to our stage. Please do come in and enjoy some beautiful energy.
A nice picture of Dana sitting with his guitar. Saturday October 19th
Last month Dana Erlandson played on the 20th.  This month he plays on the 19th.  It is like moving back in time while moving forward in pleasure... That may not make sense but it will if you come in and listen.
Friday October 25th
All Hallows is approaching.  Spirits and spooks alike will be walking the Earth.  What Good For The Soul has to offer will be the right treat for all of them and all of us.
Saturday October 26th
Jack-O-lanterns, candy corn, and howls in the dark. 
Rosalie Morgan
is here to strengthen your resolve with good music.

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